Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Voices from Students

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In person lesson
The lesson exceeded beyond my expectations.
I was a complete beginner, and somehow in 2 hours Nao had me drawing manga and even completing my first picture. She was very patient, working with my pace, and able to answer all my questions. Her knowledge and passion shows for manga art and she enjoys sharing. Next time in Tokyo i will definitely book another lesson.

Visited November 2016
-Review from TripAdvisor

I signed up my 13-year-old daughter for this lesson during a recent trip to Tokyo, and it was the highlight of her trip. Among other things, she learned from a professional manga artist the manga creative process and how to use the various tools and materials involved. Her instructor was patient and kind. I highly recommend the experience. One suggestion, if you will want to purchase tools and materials, build in some time to do so after the lesson. The instructor was able to tell us where to go in Tokyo and what to buy, but we didn't have time in our schedule to make it happen. We were able to find all the things we needed at the International Manga Museum in Kyoto, though.

-Review from Viator


We wanted to study Manga in Japan and went to Nakana Manga School for a private lesson in December, where we were taught by Nao Yazawa, a Japanese Manga artist. Nao gives her classes in English (which is very unusual), and her school is just a short walk from Nakano JR station. Nao was very friendly and patient, even with absolute beginners like us. Our lesson covered basic concepts of Manga, then Nao helped us make our own characters and showed us ways to improve our drawings. It was a great experience. Manga is far from easy, but Nao was very enthusiastic and encouraging. We learnt a lot in our private class. I wish we could come back and work more from her. All in all, It was a fun experience. I highly recommend it to Manga fans who want to get to know more about this art form.

-Review from TripAdvisor

"Loved my experience there, very customized and in-depth approach to manga making, lots of fun. Thank you, Nao sensei!"
  -59 years old,  Canada

''I'm glad that I'm able to know more about writing manga! Each session is a new exciting experience!'' 
-20 years old, Mauritius 

"I wasn't a huge manga-fan before I had my first lesson, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But after that time I was completely fascinated by both the process and the amount of talent the manga artist possess. I've been having lessons once a month and I'm always looking forward to it, the more I learn and practice the more interested I get. This lessons have really opened my eyes to manga as an art form and the work behind it, so much fun!" 
-23 years old, Sweden

"I'm studying manga in France, first as spare-time, now to teach it. It finally appears to me that what I was doing was not really Japanese manga, but a kind of imitation. So it was necessary for me to go to Japan and learn Manga from a Japanese mangaka and teacher. But, the thing is I don't speak fluently Japanese and it was difficult to find someone in Japan who could have taught me until I came to Nakano manga school and met Nao-sensei and her English manga lessons ! Thanks to the school and to her, I can improve my manga techniques ... and my English speaking !!!" 
- 27 years old, France

Online lesson

"I learned so much from my course with MSN and it is incredible that I was able to do it all from home! Thanks to MSN's online courses I was able to join in, even though I couldn't travel to Japan!" 
-33 years old, Norway

"I feel very lucky that I can learn professional manga skills from the U.S.." 
-14 years old,USA